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Dienstprogramme Sport
Entwickler Enrico Bottani

The First Racing StopWatch Application on the store....

RacingChrono allow you to chronometer your best pilot and manage all the data with a practical and easy user interface. Save all your session on track and analyze them comfortably seated on your couch.

RacingChrono give you fast access to the latest session by a practical separate screen.

go on track now and beat your best lap time...


+ Indicate if your pilot is entering or exiting box by a nice icon, all managed for you.

+ Keep track of your laps through a simple user interface that allows you to store each of your session for circuits you visit

+ Fast accessible screen with latest session


Prepare for a new kind of racing application, you will have soon access to some of the most beautiful features to track all you need to know about your days on track.

Note: All the button area is clickable for more accurate and enjoyable user experience, on the save session tab if you click on laps you can give a look at your times with the best time marked on green

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